Should You Clean a Cat’s Ears?

Clean A Cat's Ears

Ears are considered a sensitive part of the cat’s body. Want to help your cat clean this department, please refer to some necessary information below!

Tools needed for ear hygiene

  • Ear cleaning solution
  • A cotton swab or gauze bandage
  • Warm water
  • Small plastic ear tools
  • Big towels.

Cleaning The Ears Of A Cat

Ear hygiene practices

  1. Before cleaning your cat’s ears, you should take cats to the veterinarian for a thorough check and make sure the cat has perfectly healthy ears.
  2. Clean cats ears with various types of ear cleaning solutions. You can find this solution at any dog ​​or cat shop.
  3. Hold the cat in your lap with a towel around it.
  4. Pull the cat’s ear upside down so that the small ear can reach the right position.
  5. Use a small ear applicator, apply drops to the cat’s ear, and gently massage cat ear.
  6. Hold your cat still for about 5 minutes before cats act vigorously, shaking cats head, shaking her body, etc

*** Note:

The first time you do it, you should keep the doors and windows closed, so the cat may not panic and run away when the cat is not used to cleaning your ears.
Clean the cat’s inner ear with a cotton swab or cotton swab. Do not use a stick type of hardwood stick (almost like a matchstick) because you may accidentally puncture the cat’s eardrum if not careful.

If you have never cleaned your cat’s ears up till now, now be diligent in observing signs that may indicate infection, ear damage, etc. In cats such as Unusual red marks, small black spots such as coffee grounds, cat ears often water and smell unpleasant, scratched, cats often scratch their ears, etc.

In particular, any liquid draining from a cat’s ear is considered a dangerous sign, and you should take him to the vet immediately.

A Few Interesting Facts About Cat Ears

Hygiene Of Ears

There are hundreds of ways and thousands of products to help clean your beloved cat’s ears, and most of them are available at pet stores or on the Web. Persian cats are more prone to ear infections than other cats.

There are many ways to clean your cat’s ears. You can consult your veterinarian to find the method that works best for your cat! Many symptoms of infection often occur in the outer ear of cats. A chronic ear infection is a very serious disease that can lead to cataracts in cats. If this disease occurs, your cat may need surgery.

If you have a cat in your home and it’s the only pet, he will be less likely to get ear problems. But for the better, you should still clean your ears periodically and be aware of any unusual signs that may appear. I hope your cat is always clean and healthy!

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