Share Experiences Teaching Cats to Use the Right Spot in the Toilet Effectively

Share Experiences Teaching Cats

Most kittens are very easy to teach them how to go to the toilet in the right place and maybe learning from their mother before you take them home. However, it is straightforward to teach cats to go to the bathroom in the right place if they do not know in advance.

  • Show the cat where to go to the toilet by placing them in the prepared sand tray, then let them dig and rake the sand in the tray.
  • Put your cat in the litter box whenever she gets up or after eating.
  • Cats are very clean animals, they will not go to the toilet in the sand tray if the tray is dirty. Therefore, keep the litter box clean after the cat has finished going to the bathroom. However, do not use harsh cleaning chemicals, as it can dislike cats.
  • Put the toilet tray in a quiet place. Just like humans, cats don’t like being watched or disturbed while they’re on a toilet trip.
  • Not “punish” kittens when they “go wrong” out of the tray. You need to speak loudly and decisively “NO,” and put them back into the tray. When it is stationary in the tray, use strokes and compliments. Or reward the cat with a few pieces of cat food.
Cats Toilet Effectively
Share Experiences Teaching Cats to Use the Right Spot in the Toilet Effectively

Cats will know the right combination of using their toilet tray with compliments for the next time.

The problem of teaching your cat to defecate in the right place and frequently asked questions

One of our biggest headaches is the cat’s toilet. The following are common causes:

  • Why do cats urinate have tiny puddles on the floor?

Take the cat to a veterinarian immediately. This is usually due to a problem with the urinary tract. Don’t be late. Call your veterinarian right away.

This may be because the cat wants to defecate after the urination, but because his litter box is dirty, you have not yet cleared so that the cat will choose a cleaner toilet. If you notice any of these signs in your home, immediately clean them with detergent and clean your cat’s litter box. The fastidious cats will go to the toilet on their own.

  • Why do cats like to use the toilet in the back of the closet. Even though you have prepared a litter box in the kitchen?

Cats often like privacy when they go to the toilet, but the kitchen is too noisy for this. Moreover, the cat also dislikes going to the bathroom near the dining area. If possible, place pots of sand near the cupboard where they often go to the toilet or place bowls of sand in the toilet.

  • Why do cats usually urinate outside the litter box. Even though it is only a few centimeters away from the litter tray?

Make sure their sand trays are clean. There are several types of detergents, or human cleansers, that are not suitable for cats. You should use a natural soap.

  • You have so many cats, why are they urinating everywhere?

If you have a lot of cats, place the sand trays in different places and learn more about their habits and behavior. The best advice would be to sterilize your cat and have litter boxes in different parts of the house.

Cats love to be clean, so teaching cats to go to the toilet in the right place is not as difficult as teaching dogs to go to the bathroom. You need to follow the instructions to ensure success.

However, not all cats get used right after a few training sessions. So, before buying cats, make sure to give them the attention and patience they need.

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