The Importance of Proper Low Carb Food for Your Cats

Carb Cat Food

It is an undeniable truth that the diet of your cat holds an important role in the overall health. For instance, the low carb cat food can cause such conditions as we know it as diabetes.

Therefore, the consumption of the low-carb diet can prevent such condition from happening or maintaining the already happening condition.

What’s to define low carb food for cats?

Before going further to the carb foods tips, you will need to know the basic in advance.  First things first, we’d need to have the common ground about the definition of low carb diet.

Low carb diet is the type of diet which has less than 10% of the total calories from the carbohydrates. Some breeds might be able to tolerate more portion of the carb from their daily meal while managing their diabetes condition. But some breeds should comply to certain restrictions.

As a pet owner, you will want to consult with the vet about the total amount of the carbohydrate, which is still tolerable for your cats. But we can agree on one thing. The lower the carbohydrate intake your cats experiencing, the better it is for him or her.

Low Carb Cats Food

The fact that Cats have different nutritional needs

It is important to know that cats have different nutritional needs. Besides the health condition, the other factors to consider are the life stages, reproduction, ages, and many others. Kittens and adult cats have different nutritional needs. The different needs can also be prevalent if your cats have a health problem like diabetes.

Analyzing the label of the cat’s food is a pivotal thing to do by every owner. The label says a lot about the characteristics of the food you are about to pick from the department store. The label list the nutrition facts from the protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, as well as moisture. If your cats have diabetes or perhaps you’ve seen the significant symptoms of the condition, focusing on low carb cat food is much important.


How to choose the best low carb cat food

Now let’s get down to the main discussion here. It is important to choose to make the foods which have low carbohydrate in it. But you can’t neglect the fact that your cats will still need the other nutritions. So, here is how to choose the right foods to manage or prevent the diabetic cat.

Carb Cats Food

Checking the label first

If you are getting the cat food from the department store, you will want to pay attention to the label of the product before putting it to the shopping cart. Protein is the core necessary for cat diet. The food should consist of a balanced amount of protein and fat.

The nutrients in the cat foods should be derived from animal sources like turkey, beef, fish, chicken, and other meats. On the label, you will also see the amount of carbohydrate in the cat food so that you will comprehend the right one for your lovely pet.

No grains, no pain

One of the most dreadful factors in the diabetic cat is the grain. Cats, depending on the breeds, can metabolize grains quicker. But unfortunately, grains tend to contain high levels of carbohydrates.

For some breeds, they can tolerate foods with grains. But you must be aware that your cat is diabetic or overweight. Either way, feeding your cats with grains can be dangerous. It is a great idea to give your beloved pet the high-protein meal but consider the carb level too.

Make the food by yourself

You know the risks of having dry foods for your cats. The thing is that you are limited to the portion of manufactured products in the extent not to be able to compose your own recipe.

If you make the cat food by yourself, you can rest assured that your pet takes the necessary nutrition to stay healthy and happy.

If you don’t have time or are just not in the mood to make it by yourself, you could get canned or wet cat food from the market. Wet foods tend to be more tempting than dry foods because of the juiciness, strong meat scents, as well as their fantastic flavor for cats. The canned or wet foods usually are available in most popular convenient stores. But again, you will need to read the label first before proceeding to purchase.

Cats are not true lovers of water. It is an irony because cats need to drink ample enough of water in managing their obesity or diabetes. So it is sensible that they don’t drink water immediately after eating. But still, they need it in their diet. That’s where the wet foods enter to help. These already include water, fiber, protein, as well as carbohydrates to supply your cat with necessary nutrients.

Low Carb Cat Food

The only catch about wet food is the fact that it spoils easier than dry food. So, you might want to purchase wet foods in considerable amounts. But it also prevents you from free-feeding so that you will have control of managing your cat food nutrients, especially if your cat has a diabetic problem. You could have checked your cat to the vet and get the advice on making homemade cat food. It is even much better. With the homemade cat food, you can give your kids enough nutrition and present it based on the vet’s advice.

Your vet is a wise decision

Determining the food amounts that your cat needs are a very crucial step in maintaining its health. The diabetic cat requires a specific diet to grant it the best nutrition without developing the diabetic problem. If you are not sure about this, you can reach your vet to give you the best advice on choosing the food for your cat.


Finding the right low carb cat food takes time and effort. There could be a not easy path with this. But once you have found the right one, you will be glad to realize that your effort has paid off. There is nothing that can replace your joy seeing your cats can move around and have fun with their pals without feeling ill.

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