5 Best Wet Cat Food Compared. Find Out Which One’s Best For Your Kitty?

Best Wet Cat Food

The process of purchasing food for your cat can at times get very intimidating as well as confusing simply because of the sheer number of available products, all claiming and screaming to be the best.

The wet cat food market, which recently came up with canned food, has undergone a gigantic transformation. More and more companies are pushing their own brands and labels under the “Wet cat food” category, and it’s just adding up to the misery.

To simplify the process, in this article, we have reviewed the 5 best wet cat food products from reputed and innovative brands.

So here’s our review of 5 best wet can food Products

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Nutro MAX Entree Chunks

The USP or Unique Selling Point of this product is it is made from selected real and premium ingredients and is completely free from any by-products or artificial flavors. Chicken broth is the major ingredient of Nutro MAX Entree Chunks which is responsible for both flavor and moisture, the product’s other USP.

The company states that all of the ingredients for MAX pet foods are sourced from reliable farmers and suppliers of Mars Petcare, who also serves 50 other reputed brands, Pedigree included.

Furthermore, it contains natural flavor additives.

Unlike artificial flavoring, natural flavorings are derived from either plants or animals to make the product more appealing as well as nutritious. Chicken is the second-most important constituent of this product which the company claims to be composed of 8% and 4.5% of crude protein and crude fat respectively.

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This gives your cat the daily protein needed for its lean, healthy muscles.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which come from the added ingredient, beef liver, is necessary for a healthy coat, skin, and overall appearance.

Other vitamins and minerals present in trace amount are pork plasma, wheat gluten, guar gum, salt, sodium phosphate, potassium chloride, calcium carbonate. All of these compounds are beneficial to your feline’s wellbeing and development in one way or another.

The formula developed by Nutro MAX is reported to be favored by cats and doesn’t cause stomach upsets or allergies. It’s safe for consumption by adults cats as well.

However, it’s not good for cats with chicken or grain allergies. With market cost being around -25 for a case of 24 cans, this product surely is one of the favorites of cat owners.

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Purina Friskies Wet Cat Food

The Purina Friskies cat food pack is known for its wide selection of options. This pack comes in 32 5.5 oz cans. Your cat doesn’t have to be fed the same flavor of food for consecutive days. In fact,  you can offer a variety of foods every time open a can. Let your cat guide you on what she prefers!

From the house of food conglomerate Nestlé, Puritan is an animal food brand dedicatedly focused on quality and nutrition.

It sells cat food exclusively under the Friskies label. This variety pack comes in two colors: pink and blue.

The pink one is called “Poultry Variety Pack” which contains only poultry products like chicken and turkey, while the blue one which is named “Shreds Variety Pack” contains seafood and beef along with poultry.

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A lot of people tend to prefer the blue one over the pink.

Because of the sheer variety, the ingredients of these packs tend to vary significantly.

That said one thing remains common between both packs: the tender shredded texture of the meat pieces. Every meat, whether it be chicken, salmon, beef is cut into shreds, processed, and simmered in savory gravy or sauce before being canned.

As there’s variety, your cat will be benefiting from almost all nutrients and vitamins under the sun. The major constituents: meat, fish, and beef are an excellent source of protein. Always remember good fats, and not on carbs, makes cats obese.

This product also contains some byproducts the cats love. The whole point of by-product or no by-product is a personal one. However, you should note that every cat has its own preference, and not all 32 cans may go down well with him.

Some might even cause complications. So it’s important for you to keep an eye on what works and what doesn’t when you purchase this shreds pack.

Overall, this combo product should be your go-to option should you want to stock your shelves for a good one month period and prefer a variety of food for your cat at the same time.

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Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food

With a promise to completely erase the annoying hairball problem your cat compulsively faces, the Hill’s Science Diet’s product is definitely among the most innovative in the cat wet food market.

While stats on the number of cats suffering from hairball problems show a steady rise, it shouldn’t bother you much, thanks to Hill Science.

It’s in the nature of cats to groom themselves and continuously lick their paws and body. In the process, they consume a certain amount of loose and dead hair. While the majority of the hair passes through the intestines, some of it stays in the stomach. Once accumulated in enough quantities, it can form what we call as “Hairballs.” This often leads to vomiting, irritation, constipation, lack of appetite, and stomach upsets in cats.

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To address this extensive problem, Hill’s Science Diet came up with this Adult Cat Food. Fiber is one of the main ingredients of this product. As also in the case of humans, cats are not able to digest insoluble fiber, which adds to the bulk of the fecal matter. On the other hand, soluble fiber adds more water to feces. Furthermore,  the company claims to benefit the whole urinary system of your cat naturally.

Nutritionally, the product can be rated five-star as it is rich in protein, vitamin E, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. Chicken is the main ingredient of this product, which provides the bulk of protein followed by turkey giblets. Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are derived from pork liver and by-products.

The company also offers other products with similar features in the market like “Hill’s Science Ocean Fish” or “Hill’s Science Diet Tuna & Vegetable” which you can try if your cat isn’t fond of chicken.

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Blue Buffalo Basics Duck & Potato Entrée

If you want a balance between limited-ingredient diet and high nutrition, this product from Blue Buffalo should be your first choice. The Blue Basics Entrée is loaded with garden veggies which provide the essential nutrients and vitamins to your cat. This product is extremely important for slimming down a fat cat owing to its low carb content.

As opposed to other wet and soft dry cat food available in the supermarkets, this product from Blue Buffalo uses duck as its primary meat ingredient. This is considered delicious and a source of high-quality protein, either on par or better than chicken.

The product label states it has a total crude protein percentage of 7.5% and total crude fat of 6%. Even for the gravy, duck broth is used in the product. For providing required omega-3 and omega-6, which are important for coat and skin health, flaxseeds are used along with fish oil. About 0.9% of the product is comprised of omega acids.

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Veggies are an important part of cat canned food. Select high nutritional vegetables like potatoes, pumpkins, peas, carrots, beetroots which cats will outrightly ignore, at first sight, are processed and mixed in this entree.

That’s partially the reason why the product uses duck meat. Most cat owners have commented that the vegetables went down well with their cats. In fact, most of the owners said the cats consumed it without hesitation.

As a USP, it is advertised as a grain-free product. That means there are no traces of corn, wheat, soy, eggs, and dairy which are mostly used for thickening the gravy.

This helps in three ways. Firstly, it cuts down the carb intake, helping your obese cat to slim down. Secondly, it’s safe among cats with allergies. Thirdly, the digestion process speeds up considerably, thanks to the ingredients.

It is safe to say this is arguably the best wet cat food for cats with obesity.

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Crave High Protein Wet Cat Food

This wet cat food from Crave Pet Foods is inspired by the natural lifestyle of cats. A protein-rich diet is essential for proper bodily functions of cats. To that end, this product is one of the richest in protein among the wet cat foods available on the market today.

Protein is an important part of a cat’s diet for two reasons.

First of all, members of the cat family are active animals and like to run around a lot. Therefore, all of the members have a lean body shape to facilitate fast movement. To maintain that lean body, proper intake of protein is required.

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Secondly, cat processes amino acids faster than a dog or human. High-quality chicken is the second-most important ingredient of this canned product (first being the chicken broth gravy) which provides almost 40% of the protein. This wet cat food is supplemented with vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin D3, folic acid, and other ingredients to meet the daily dietary requirements of your cat.

Most of these dietary requirements are provided by the chicken liver, chicken heart, pork plasma, and tapioca starch. This is arguably the best wet cat food on the market today in terms of complete nutrition. Cat owners with younger, active cats and geriatric cats who suffer from lower metabolism will find this product a perfect fit for them.

If your cat falls in love with this wet cat food, there’s no chance of him getting bored. The Crave range comes in six different meat components: turkey, salmon, trout, duck, and beef besides chicken.

Also, the makers insist on keeping this product grain-free. There’s no corn, wheat, rice or starch in this product, making it low in carbs. We recommend a combination of high-protein and low-carb diet for less active cats or obese cats.

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Best Wet Cat Food Buying Guide

All of the 5 products reviewed above are the best choices for your cat in their own way, but at the end of the day, you’d have to settle with one.

Undisputedly, you’d want the best you can have for your cat.

Buying the wrong kind of food will be an utter waste of money and time. Plus it can affect your kitty’s health. To help you with the buying process, we can up with an honest and well-researched cat food buying guide: Let’s jump right in.

Buying Wet Cat Food

Your Cat’s Requirement

The whole buying journey starts with knowing your cat, its likes, dislikes, deficiencies, allergies, as well as its approach to food. Not all cats are created equal. Hence, some will get inclined to a product more favorably than others.

Some of the cats will find a wet cat food more nutritious while others will slump. Similarly, not all products are created equal. Just with five products above, we showed you how strikingly similar and vastly different each of them could be.

You can get to know your cat’s preference simply by observing him. He’ll let you know what he likes to eat. If he vomits or feels irritated after gobbling down some food, it’s a sign that the particular food is not going down well with him. After consulting with your vet, you should be able to narrow down on a list of products for your cat.

Cross check with the label

Canned labels are in place to let consumers know what inside of it. Keeping your requirements in mind, you should verify whether the product contains the ingredients you’re looking for or not.

Here’s what to look for in a label:

  • USP

The unique selling proposition is always highlighted and bolded at the top. It says a lot about the product, the benefit it offers, and to which category of cats it is intended for.

  • Ingredients

This section lists down all of the ingredients the product contains. Specific items you’re looking for in wet cat food can be found here. Good ingredients to look for are total protein, vegetables, good fats, and added vitamins/minerals.

  • Net weight

By looking at the net weight, you can calculate the right amount of food to purchase at once, and how much to feed your cat on each feeding session.

  • FDA or AAFCO approval

If it’s both FDA and AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) approved, then it’s trustworthy and has gone through quality checks as well as trails. While the FDA does not regulate pet food products, it does, however, ensures the safety of the ingredients involved.

  • Expiry or best before date

Just like products for us, canned cat food also come with an expiry or best before date. It’s important you purchase cat food that is at least 6 months behind their stated expiry date.

  • The not-for section

It’s mostly showed as a warning or cautionary section. Here you’ll find info on which types of cats this product is not fit for.

Online reviews

Companies will claim their product to be the best and most effective, but real-life reviews reveal the truth behind it.

By following the above procedure, you should be able to find the best wet cat food for your kitty.


Based on the reviews, we certainly think the Friskies from Purina is the clear winner. While other products were specifically tied to a need, as high protein, low-carb, hairball control, the “Purina Friskies Wet Cat Food” offered variety along with nutrition.

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